Retain the order of fields during creation

Jan 18, 2013 at 6:50 PM

I created a custom form, and adding the fields in a specific order. The form is like a questionnaire wherein the next question is a follow-up of the previous question(s) above it.

I tried modifying the file, but I can only modify the sequence per control type (numeric before datetime, boolean before text)...

I tried making the order number the same,  in the hopes that the "default" ordering of fields at the time of creation will take over - no joy.

  <Place Fields_Input_Edit="Content:2.0"/>
  <Place Fields_Input="Content:after"/>
  <!-- Numeric -->
  <Place Fields_Numeric_Edit="Content:2.0"/>
  <Place Fields_Numeric="Content:after"/>

So I guess the next step here is to use the Shape Designer, inspect the "widget" and override it (Shape->Alternate-Create)? It generates a file (e.g. Widget-url-membership-online-application.cshtml ), and I guess I will start working from this file?

The contents of the file just shows this:


How do I address a specific field such I can do something like:

<label for="FirstName">@T("Your First Name")</label>
<input id="FirstName" class="text" name="FirstName" type="text" value="@Model.??????"/>

There must be an easier way!


Apr 23, 2013 at 2:02 AM
You can call out a specific field by using something like this: <Place Fields_Numeric_Edit-NumberOfUsers="Content:2.0"/>

"NumberOfUsers" is the name of the field.

Hope that works for you.