Widgets & Tokens

Mar 26, 2012 at 12:02 AM

First of all, THANKS for building this module!

I have a few questions, some of which may require waiting for future versions before they can be answered so...

How could I include a form in a widget or add as a Part within another content type?

Currently I'm working on a real estate site and want to include a "Schedule A Showing" form for each property listing. Without creating a unique form for each property, would there also be a way to identify which property or url the form was submitted from?

Also in my brief testing I wasn't able to submit a date field... The field was set to date only but no matter how I formatted the date and or date/time I couldn't get it to validate.

The other hurdle I'm facing is sending emails. I've created a rule and emails are being sent, but I've yet to figure out which tokens or the proper use will pull the form data.

Stay Awesome!

Jon V